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Swarbrick Back to Lancaster?
May 29, 2008, 3:06 pm
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I was once, briefly, a columnist for the Lancaster Guardian. My stuff was described by one reader as ‘the least offensively right wing stuff to appear in the paper for years’, which although some way short of the Pulitzer I crave, is an honour of sorts.

But it seems the Guardian can’t help themselves. Even when the story isn’t offensively right wing, they’ll print a story about a right winger that I find offensive: According to their website, David Swarbrick
is to return to Lancaster City for their preseason training.

Know-it-all City boss, Barrie Stimpson, told the Guardian “I can totally understand his reasons for being tempted to FC United but at the time I told him it was not the best move – and it wasn’t.

“He wants to come and try to prove to me he is worth a place next season so I have invited him to preseason.”

“Most people who saw him play will have seen the potential in him,”

So that appears to be that. Swabba (can I call him that, or is it a little over-familiar?) always had a bang on attitude and really seemed to ‘get’ what we’re about. As cliched as it is, it’s a shame to see him go, and I wish him well.

(I long for the day when I can write “He’s a cock, I’m chuffed to bits he’s going.” but it never seems to be the case. Ah well.)


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