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Leigh Genesis? Fuck off
June 12, 2008, 10:10 am
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This story from the Unibond site had me checking the calender to make sure it wasn’t the 1st April again.

Leigh Genesis. Leigh fucking Genesis?

What’s going on with football? This sort of thing you have begun to expect in the upper echelons of the game, but this is the fucking NPL. Would you check out some of these quotes from the press release:

“sports brand Nike whose image complimented perfectly the effect we wanted to achieve.”

“Ideas of colour were professionally developed into a striking, versatile and contemporary logo which formed the core of the new brand.”

“Recently appointed, visionary Chairman Dominic Speakman, 32,”

“Genesis fits perfectly with the club image on several levels; a meaning of ‘New Beginning, Origin & Creation’ being the most important, it has a contemporary edge and is unique in the world of football. It is miles away from the American ‘animal’ and doesn’t join the usual ‘Cities or Uniteds’ which gives it a chance of making a real mark in non-league football.”

Football has been dead for some time. This is just ‘visionary Chairman’ Dominic Speakman shafting its cold, rotten corpse. I feel for the fans of Leigh RMI, and I’ll feel for them some more when this whole thing goes horribly wrong. Which it will. It has to.

Any right thinking person, let alone football fan, will be hoping and praying that ‘Leigh Genesis’ are put out of our misery as quickly as possible.

And as a completely point missing aside, “Genesis fits perfectly with the club image on several levels” – What? Offensive, Phil Collins driven, Dad Rock?

Speakman, you are an unspeakable idiot.


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We’ll last longer than you tossers, we didn’t run away & take our ball home when we got a new owner & I notice they managed to win the league & European cup after you lot fucked off!!!
As for the name, it’s better than Soccer Club United Manchester.

Comment by RSCN

Look, I don’t want to get bogged down in this. Generally I’m supportive of your fans, and of your club, and my ire/vexation is towards the likes of Speakman and those who fuck about with things that they shouldn’t be fucking about with. But seeing as you’re here and you raised such excellent points, I may as well reply, as is my right.

“We’ll last longer than you tossers,”

No you wont.

“we didn’t run away & take our ball home when we got a new owner”

Nor did we.

“I notice they managed to win the league & European cup after you lot fucked off!!”


“As for the name, it’s better than Soccer Club United Manchester.”

No it’s not.

Thanks for reading.

Comment by Taylor

Its funny really as you write all this shit about leigh changing their name when you lot moan, cried, and protested which really worked by the way lmao when you lot got new owners and and form fc united which is still the biggest joke on the internet so what if leigh chanced rmi to genesis Dominic Speakman the best thing to happen to leigh in a long time he knows what the town needs and wants and taylor you need know how people worked in football the chairman can do what he wants p.s even we changed the name again still be better then fc united (manchester united but moaning cunts)

Comment by wrighty

Why the hostility, man? Would you have felt the same if Leigh and FC United had merged, as your club asked us to days after we formed?

We know how people work in football. We didn’t like it. So we did something about it.

Look, if you’re happy with all this, then I’m happy for you. But if you as me it’s all a little weird and sick.

Comment by Taylor

Well I’ve yet to hear from any of our supporters (and at a club of our size, most of us know each other pretty well) who is disgruntled with the change.

Without the input of Dominic Speakman, the club would have ceased to exist last Christmas – the professionalism and quality shown in this launch suggest to me that everyone is in it for the long run, and we deserve a bit of good luck after previous years!

The suggested merger between ourselves and FCUM was exactly that, suggested, but it sure has hell won’t have gained the approval that the name change has. And on that note, bear in mind that those who suggested the merger are no longer involved with a club that has made unbelievable strides since then.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been to a few FCUM games that have been enjoyable and wish them well, and sincerely look forward to our sides finally playing each other in a competitive game.


Comment by Matt the Leyther

Good article. Hope you don’t mind but I’ve quoted it (and linked to it) on my website


Comment by Bendrix

Im a little confussed here as what the issue is ! is it –

A) Leigh genesis is a shit name
B) A shit name means you play shit football
C) Changing a name dont mean shit !!

lets face it changing the name isn’t the only thing that has been done here, its the injection of confidence, cash and organisation that will drive the club forward….

Comment by napalmnine

You say your sorry for the fans; I still feel sorry for the Horwich RMI fans who’s club did an MK Dons and buggered off to Leigh.
How can a chairman be called visionary when he’s moving a team that averages a 250 crowd to a 12000 seater stadium. I know they’re just following the rugby team but that place will feel like the biggest loneliest place on Earth come match day.
I’m not the sort of guy who kicks someone when they try to get back onto their feet, so I do hope it does fail, but they could have done it with a bit of dignity.

Comment by sam

this article is very over the top in terms of the needless language, and i dont really think the author understands what point he is trying to make. leigh rmi have been a struggling side for many years who i have had a soft spot for due to the fact that a small band of supporters have stuck with them constantly for many tough years. yes, the new club name is slightly bizzare but im in full support of what the chairman is trying to do and i think that Matt the Leyther and napalmnine have posted some very sensible comments without having to sound like a true idiot and post fucking this and fucking that in every sentence.

Comment by nameless

Sam, it’s not the chairman whose taking the club to a new 12,000 stadium it’s progress. The current ground won’t be there next season, they have to move! I don’t see the problem here, and the prat who wrote the article above really should get a life and learn to write without using foul language to make his point.

Comment by philcollins

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1) I’m a Leyther
2) I’m an FC fan
3) Leigh Genesis is wank
4) I’m not related to Dominic (well not that I’m aware of)… Speakman’s are 10 a penny in Leigh.

Comment by Nick Speakman (no relation)

p.s. Should have just changed the name to “Leigh”. We don’t have a railway and we’ve not had live rock bands (Musketeer apart) since the Bickershaw festival.

Comment by Nick Speakman (no relation)

“I feel for the fans of Leigh RMI”
What about the fans of Horwich RMI who had their team stolen by the people of Leigh!?! ORIGINAL MK DONS – I HOPE THEY DIE SOON!!!

Comment by HORWICH

[…] world outside my front door) were full of debate and comment about how this was a terrible thing. I posted a blog entry about it, expecting messages of condemnation for Speakman and Leigh Genesis, but instead got something […]

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I for one, am a local fan of Leigh Genesis (seeing as i live about 50m away from the ground)and I believe you should give us some respect for what we have done.
By the looks of it, this new beginning is certainly doing the trick and is exactly what we needed.
We used to be relegated more or less every season and always seemed to stick in the relegation zone, but this year, we are actually in the top half of the season.
Yeah, some of you might call us for how we stole Horwich’s football team, but that is way in the past now and this new beginning is the future and the best way forward to us.
I think its time some of you should realise that and come to terms that we are in our strongest position yet.

Comment by Liam Burton

[…] called Leigh Sports Village. Nothing, we were told, could possibly go wrong. When Chris Taylor at It’ll Be Off voiced his concerns with his traditional (cough) defttness of touch, some of their supporters were […]

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