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Ok, a Leigh rethink
June 12, 2008, 4:49 pm
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My earlier post may have been a bit emotive, and there are only so many comments I can edit calling me a, well, calling me everything.

So I’ve had a sit down, worked my way through a cup of tea and bag of Haribo, and had a little rethink about what exactly my problem with this is.

Yes, I think the name, and new logo, and talk of ‘Nike’s image perfectly complimenting the effect they want to achieve’ is horrible marketing speak that has no place in football, but has become sadly accepted. But I’m not sure if this is the real issue.

Leigh fans, seemingly, have no problem with this. And in fact are excited by the new direction and new start. And I’m genuinely glad about that. Good luck to them. But I’m sure they’ll excuse me for not sharing their enthusiasm. For the more that this sort of thing happens, the more commonplace it will become, and the more common place it becomes, the more it will happen. It’s a vicious circle that will see football slowly become a franchise sport such as the NFL.

Speak to fans of York City who had to put up with racing enthusiast John Batchelor changing their kit and badge to make them more appealing to both the American market and to his huge ego. This is the same John Batchelor who wants/wanted to buy Mansfield Town and change their name to Harchester United, the team from Sky’s DreamTeam, as they had a greater TV presence.

We cannot let people get used to this sort of thing happening, and cannot allow people to think it is in anyway acceptable. Leigh fans may be happy, and Dominic Speakman may be a hero. But this isn’t usually the case. Just ask any Wimbledon fan about ‘visionary chairman Pete Winkleman’.


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I can understand where you’re coming from, but surely it is up to the club’s fans to decide what they’re to be called etc? And, frankly, the club’s existing fans WERE consulted on a number of occasions, and the overwhelming feeling was that RMI was something that detracted completely from what we were trying to achieve as part of the community and the club have responded in a hugely positive manner.

Sure, the name might sound a bit shit when you first hear it, but I’ve been a keen supporter for the past 12 years and even I’m warming to it, never mind a Leigh public that wasn’t keen to lend it’s support to what had previously been considered a Horwich club on loan to Leigh.

Still, you’re entitled to your opinion and I must say that I’m hugely looking forward to testing ourselves against FCUM next season, be it in a playing, drinking or vocal sense!

Comment by Matt the Leyther

Its a fair opinion mate!
I’ll be honest, when i first saw all the changes, i wasn’t chuffed to say the least. As my family have had involvement right back to Horwich days.

But that said, when we were involved at the club we were fighting against what matt is explaining. The town of Leigh refused to back a club with exciting prospects, i mean we got to where the playoffs are now in the national. Yet our crowds remained poorer than some Unibond teams. I think if at the time the town backed us we’d of pushed on and you never know what could of happened.

I’m backing the chairman 100%.

Comment by Kiwi_Leyther

Nah, mate, honestly,you were right first time. Fair play to you for saying it. The whole thing is a farce and will just fuck football and more specifically Leigh over. Maybe not today or tomorrow but before long. A few quid in the short term for selling your soul. You’ve got to be a fool to think that’s a good deal.

Keep on keeping on Chris. You’re saying the right things.

Comment by Mardy

I enjoyed your post on the subject and i agreed with you the first time, it’s a crappy name. The original responses were funny too. Bless.

However the much more important issue that nobody appears to have picked up on (shame on you, Mardy) is that you ate a bag of Haribo whilst drinking tea. Now I’d imagine many of us would have some issues with this, after all there are many varieties of Haribo and not all of them go well with tea. So, mr FC of Manchester, what haribo varietal was it? did you brew your tea for the entire 4 to 5 minutes as recommended by the British Tea Council? I demand answers.

Comment by boxo

I went for the ‘tangfastic’ sour mix, but they were all out, so was left with star mix as my only option. Not ideal, but nor are they to be scoffed at. Merely scoffed, I suppose.

As for the tea, as seems to be the case more and more often these days, I went with Orwell:

Was there no end to this man’s rightness? I wonder what he’d make of ‘Leigh Genesis’?

Comment by Taylor

well I’m pleased the tangfastics were all gone as that would have been very wrong – with tea or without.
Whatever you say about him, Orwell knew his tea, that’s for sure. I like strong tea and a straight ceylon or a blend heavily favouring it is my preference. Thank you for an informative and entertaining read, I look forward to your next missive with something bordering upon interest.

Comment by boxo

The Americanisation and commercialisation of sport, and in particular, our beautiful game is happening at all levels. Non-league is the last bastion of all that is right with football, we should do everything to stop this type of rot setting in.

Okay, Genesis is just a word. A logo is just a logo, but I feel what they’re trying to do here is build a brand. I’m in the business of branding and even I draw the line at branding football clubs and marketing them like some multiplex. Footie clubs are what they are. A group of people supporting a team of players. If the people of Leigh had a problem with Leigh RMI, then what’s wrong with Leigh United FC?

Hold on, get some aged Brazillian internationals in (a la Garforth) and maybe you could legitimately call yourselves Leigh Star Mix?

Comment by Getty

The Leigh rebranding is stomach churning, but not as disturbing as the fact that many people are buying into ‘this kind of thing’ with such gusto.

There you go; it’s my day off, I’m in my dressing gown and you made me use the word ‘gusto.’

I hope you’re proud Mr Speakman.

Comment by PWX

You were right both times. Apart from the Haribos. Tangfastics? Loon. A man should never settle for second best if there are no Happy Cola.

Besides, Leigh Genesis sounds like a second rate magican doing the Working Mens Club circuit.

Comment by Phoebe Disco

nice article, you make some good points. up the leythers and i hope fc united have a great season aswell.

Comment by nameless

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