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June 14, 2008, 11:18 am
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Stuart Rudd is the latest player to leave FC United, after Margy decided he wouldn’t be part of next season’s team.

We were warned at the start, by those lovely bods at Wimbledon, not to get too attached to players as they come and go, but it’s difficult not to. Especially players like Stuart Rudd, who was as reliable on the pitch as he was personable off it. Anyone remember him getting dragged off the pitch post-match to go get his bollocking/praise having spent quarter of an hour signing autographs for the kids? Like I said when Swarbrick left again, I forward to a time when someone leaves and I can be glad about it, but this isn’t one of those days.

But on the plus side, it seems that the Rory deal isn’t as concrete as the Telegraph and Argus were suggesting if the latest missive from Walsh Towers in downtown Manchester are anything to go by. This popped up on the fishal site this morning:

Work is underway preparing the squad for the coming assault on the Unibond Premier. Karl is busy shaping his squad and we are pleased to announce that the following players have agreed to sign on for the campaign ahead.

Danny Allen
Sam Ashton
Jamie Baguley
Simon Carden
Adam Carden
Liam Foster
Kyle Harrop
Bradley Howard
Rob Nugent
Nick Robinson
Shaun Roscoe
Adam Turner
Jerome Wright

The rest of the squad from last season are considering the offers we have made and we are in discussion with a number of new players keen to join the club.

There has been a great deal of speculation about Rory Patterson’s future and it is true that Rory is giving consideration to an offer from Bradford Park Avenue. We have spoken to Rory at length over the last few days as he faces what is a difficult personal decision. Rory does not play football just for the money but he has a young family and the financial package on offer from Bradford is difficult to turn down. Supporters will understand why FC United cannot compete financially with others and whilst the success of the team has outstripped all expectations we are in the process of building a club for the long term and cannot jeopardise our financial viability. Karl Marginson understands the dilemma Rory faces; ‘Rory knows how much he is valued by me and the club but we cannot come anywhere close to the kind of money being offered by Bradford. Everyone is grateful to Rory for his efforts over the last three seasons; the goals he has scored and his all round contribution have been a large part of the club’s success. Rory always made himself available for supporter events and is a particular favourite amongst junior supporters, we wish him well in whatever decision he comes to.’

Karl has decided that Stuart Rudd will not be part of his plans for the coming season and has been released by the club. The decision to let Stuart go was not easy, ‘Stuart has been a magnificent player for the club and we would like to thank him for his service,’ said Karl Marginson. ‘Stuart suffered with a bad injury last season and he did not get the opportunity to show what he could do after what was such a great first season.’ Karl also paid tribute to Stuart’s contribution to the club off the field, ‘Stuart is a great character around the dressing room and always found time for supporters, wherever he goes he will be a success and we wish him well.’

Josh Howard has informed us that he no longer wishes to play for the club and instead sees his future elsewhere next season. Josh’s decision is disappointing particularly after the club stood by him through his injuries last season. Josh put in some exceptional performances for FC but when a player wants to go there is little point standing in their way. Josh is a very talented player and it is pity that he does not believe he has a future with FC United.

I with with breath bated, and everything that I can cross without looking a bit of a dick crossed.

Looking at the list of retained players, it’s not a bad start. But no Chawdwick or Baguley, C? Hurry up and get signed on, lads.

Regardless who ends up coming or going, we’re about more than who takes the field. So it’s daft to get too despondent or overjoyed. Players, as we were told, are transient beings, they make up a tony part of the club. The one thing that remains constant is us, the supporters. So we just need to keep on keeping on and it’ll all be rosey.


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