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June 15, 2008, 6:48 pm
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So Rory’s move is finally signed, sealed, and delivered by Bob ‘he always gets his man apart from Mike Norton but he doesn’t count’ Blackburn. It caused, arguably justifiably, an outpouring of grief from FC United fans so staggering that all of Merseyside looked up and over to us and told us to pull ourselves together.

It’s tough to say what hurt more: Rory leaving, or Rory leaving to them. When Torpey left, we were happy that he’d gone and fulfilled a dream of playing professional football at a team further up the ladder to us. Losing Rory to a team in the same division as us, because they can offer him untold riches compared to us, makes it all the harder to take. And while Steve Torpey continues to ply his trade in a magical far off world known to us only as the Blue Square Conference, we’re going to have to put up with Rory spanking goal after goal after goal past us on at least two occasions next season. And worse still, we’re going to have to put up with Bob Blackburn and his loyal army of sycophantic fans being smug as you like about it. It’s almost enough to make you pray for Chaddy to push them all in to a concrete wall.

I guess the fact that we’re all here and FC United fans means we’re never likely to fall for the likes of Bob Blackburn’s rhetoric. We are, as Derren Brown likes to say, less suggestive than others. If we were easily impressed by rich businessmen and their fancy city-talk, we’d possibly still be in Old Trafford, gawping happily as the Brothers Dimm and their bed-ridden, syphilitic father paraded the European Cup around Old Trafford and/or Tampa (this is NOT an attack on those who decided to stay with Manchester United. Only an attack on those stupid enough to fall for Glazer’s bull-shit spin). But visiting, as I must get out of the habit of doing, BPA’s forum, Avenue Online, I can’t help be shocked and amused at how much of a tonguing Bob’s arsehole is getting from his huddled masses.

Things are going well for BPA right now. Bob is, largely, delivering on his promises. He’s gathering an impressive squad of players that will no doubt challenge for promotion to the Conference North. He’s promising a 20,000 capacity stadium for his 500 fans to sit in and watch his super-team. He’s throwing money around like the missus in Primark on payday. But at some point it will all go wrong. It always does. It has to. There are, historically, too many examples of this happening to list. But let’s just throw Gretna is as one ferrinstance. And while I don’t like to take any enjoyment out of a club in financial strife, I’ll make an exception for Bob’s Mob. When it happens, I’ll be there laughing my cock off.

This is why we shouldn’t be too despondent about the departure of Rory (and of Josh Howard, and of Stuart Rudd). Players are transient. They’re never at a club forever. The only constant is us, the fans. And in our case the fans own the club, not some ego-driven obese-cat looking for a plaything until he gets bored and retires to his villa in Spain.

So yeah, Bradford Park Avenue may be richer than us. They may have finished a point and a place higher than us. They may have beaten us a couple of times last season. They may even have just signed our best player. But none of this means that they are better than us. They aren’t. We are inherently, and intrinsically better than them. Our system of ownership is better than theirs. The way we conduct ourselves is better than the way they do. What we stand for and believe in is better than whatever it is they do. As long as we keep on keeping on, and doing what we do, they can sign as many Rory Pattersons as they like, and it wont bother me a bit.

Ask yourself, which would you prefer? A chairman mouthing off on an internet message board, or a democratically elected board working in our interest? A spend-happy manager who refers to himself in the first person, or Margy, who gave up his job to help promote our club in the local community? Players earning daft money, or a club who places a greater priority in helping those in the local community who struggle to help themselves?

Money can’t buy what we’ve got, and if it could, it wouldn’t be for sale.


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Again, absolutely cock on, mate.

BPA have probably already bought their promotion without a single kick of a ball, but I know what is more satisfying – supporting and being part of a club that no one person is in control of.

It’s interesting becasue what’s hppening at BPA is partly why I’m a FCUM fan and not an MUplc fan. Businessmen bought Man Utd who in turn bought success and it is one of the key reasons why I no longer support them.

Comment by Getty

I could not have put it better myself, no really ! spot on, good look to Rory, as Margy said, he has a young family, and has to look after their interests, he’s like any working class man trying to do the best for his family, not to be compared with your premiership tarts ” Anelka ” and the likes, and I’m confident when “Gretna Park Avenue” goes Pete Tongue, he’ll be back.

Comment by biffo59

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