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The only boss I’ve never hated…
June 21, 2008, 2:28 pm
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A quite staggering post appeared on the message board the other day calling in to question the managerial ability of Karl Marginson.

Some people disagree with my opinions on here but to be fair it is an Fc forum. If I’m honest I’m not Margy’s biggest fan because he has not won me over yet. I don’t believe he has had a difficult job and the job he has done has not been the best IMO. I’m not slagging him more questioning his ability as a manager. Is he the best manager in non league some would say yes I disagree. For the 1st 2 seasons as stated players wanted to play and he had the biggest wage bill both years. 3rd season was a good season but still not exactly on a shoe string compared to some teams. I would say definately paying the same as the like of Curzon etc. So my opinion is valid even if a few disagree. I suppose I am questioning his management skills in a way to see what will happen for this season. For me losing 3 key players is going to be very diffivult with the calibre of them. What I would ask is why Stuart Rudd has been released with no obvious replacement at the moment (a few on here I think will have been thinking the same). Also the reason why JOsh Howard has left. If I’m being honest I personally don’t think it is the money but without asking him I will never know so if he reads this he can answer.

This was posted – and I apologise for the spelling mistakes, I can barely be arsed to correct mine, let alone someone else’s – not only by an FC United fan, but also a former (fringe) player. The fact he’s a former player probably gets to the roots of his problems with Margy. But let’s pretend for a minute this isn’t the deranged and bitter ramblings of the jilted and ignored. Does Margy have a case to answer? Could he be doing better? ‘Number 7’ clearly thinks so.

His view, I would hope, is one of a tiny minority. Quite what Margy would have to do win him over he doesn’t say. But given Margy’s record – three promotions, two as champions, two cup wins and a play-off final victory – it’d have to be something quite outstanding. Perhaps win the Champions League within five years? Or maybe just playing ‘Number7’ a few more times would have done it? I don’t know. I’m just speculating. And in fairness, a former player may have a unique insight in to Margy’s management style that we, as fans, can never have.

But something from the Prestwich Advertiser caught my eye the other day, and really pushed home what Karl Marginson is all about.

Margy said: “We want players who want to play for this football club because they love the game and understand what we’re about.

“It’s a cliché but it’s true. No player is bigger than the club and no player is more important than the supporters that own and run FC United.

“Rory being the focal point for this team often had a negative effect and players had a habit of looking to him too much.

“His departure will galvanise the squad and bring us closer together. We’ve got a nucleus of young lads who’ve stayed loyal to us last season despite good offers elsewhere.

“There’s 20 teams in this league who pay more than us – but not one of them have anywhere near our support.

“FC United will still be the biggest draw in the league – not because of ‘star’ players but because of the supporters. That’s a wonderful thing to be able to say and we’re rightly proud of that.

“We’re chuffed to have secured Chaddy and Jerome for next season. Bradford and others were sniffing after Jerome but he’s made the decision to stay with us despite offers of much more money. That’s the sort of player I want at this football club.”

I think it’s vital to have Karl Marginson managing this football club. Even he wouldn’t claim to be the best manager in non league football, and I’m not sure many fans would either. But in the three years he has been managing, he’s done alright. Better than alright. He’s brought together a group of players who are both talented and have the right attitude. He has instilled in them the importance of mixing with the fans, and what this club means to us. He has them playing the right way. And most importantly of all *he* fully understands what this club is about.

I’m probably going to get tarred with the ‘arrogant Red’ brush here, but I think our club is special and different. Obviously, so does Margy. The fact he wins us leagues and cups is almost of secondary importance. Would you honestly swap him for any one else? I wouldn’t. Check out Karl In The Community on the ‘fishal site for another reason why not. A lot goes on behind the scenes that most of us never get to know about it. Margy doesn’t do it for the fame, or the money (what money?). He does it because he’s a top man and he thinks it’s right.

It’s important for us to have a figurehead like Margy, to constantly remind us why we’re here and what we’re about. Likewise we need players like David Chadwick, Robert Nugent and Jerome Wright on the pitch (and massive props to Jerome for his “Even though other clubs had offered me more money, I was glad to sign a new contract with FC next season. Receiving the supporters’ player of the year award was very special for me last season and convinced me that signing on again was the right thing to do” soundbite).

I think last week some of us, myself included, were in danger of disappearing up our own arse a little bit. It’s good we’ve got someone who can slap us around the head, tell us to sort it out, and get us giddy as owt for next season again.

I’ve said before that he should have a job for life should he want it. It sounds extreme, but nothing’s happened yet to make me change that opinion.


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