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June 28, 2008, 1:56 pm
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Summer, eh? What a crock of shit. I’m desperate for some scandal and intrigue in order to fill the pages of this blog, and keep amused the dozen or so hardy readers who keep revisiting, looking in earnest for the latest news on Leigh Genesis (that name gets no less stupid after time, does it?), Bradford Park Avenue and George Orwell. Instead all I get is endless paper talk about that pouting onanist Cristiano Ronaldo. I have no interest in that story any more. Let him go, for Christ’s sake. I was never overly fond of him in the first place. Great player, weasel of a man. But whatever. I’ll leave all discussion about that preening tit to the Glazers, Calderon and Ferguson. Now there’s an unholy triumvirate if ever there was one. Like Alien vs Predator, whoever wins, we lose.

Thank God, then, for the distraction that Euro 2008 has offered. Germany, no doubt buoyed by the bigging up I gave them on this very blog, have reached the final and are now the only realistic choice for any Red to support. Why, you may ask? Well other than the brilliantly thought out reasons I highlighted at the start of the tournament, all you need do is look at the way Spain have been adopted by the Scouse Nation. The boundaries between Liverpool and Spain have become blurred in my gin-addled mind. To all intents and purposes, the two teams are the same to me now.

Every Liverpool fan I’ve had the misfortune of meeting over the past three weeks has gone Iberia crazy. The wily charms of Torres, (the soon to depart) Xabi Alonso and Benitez have whipped the normally anti-jingoistic Sousers in to a pro Spanish fervour. Witness, if you will, Nike’s latest offering:

Good lord, that’s infuriating. Have you ever had the pleasure of talking to a Liverpudlian trying to pronounce ‘Espania’? My God. I ended up looking like Bill Murray after his first encounter with Slimer in Ghostbusters so covered in phlegm and saliva was I. But that’s by the by. I don’t expect everyone to share in my bitterness, and this post, I suppose, is just the Yang to the AFC Liverpool post‘s Ying. The natural order is being restored.

Closer to home, the NPL have announced a new kit deal with Adidas. I don’t fully understand the ramifications of it all, and nor shall I bother looking in to them, as I’m almost certain it’ll not effect us in the slightest way. And while the thought of FC United running out in a kit with those famous three strips down the sleeves awakens a nostalgic stirring in not just my loins but most of the lower part of my body, I’m satisfied that it’ll never happen, and that like most of the Eastern Europeans I’ve been watching at Ladies’ Wimbledon last week, the reality would never be as good as the fantasy.

Not quite finally, I’ve been getting a fair few visitors from the Boston United forum and website They seem a likable bunch, and their ‘zine is both funny and (occasionally) informative. And they seem to hate BPA as much as I do. So there’s common ground at least – the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all that. Boston is the away I’m most looking forward to next year. It should be fantastic. York Street is a proper ground, and they’ve got mostly the players that were playing two levels higher last year, before their enforced relegation. They should be favourites for promotion, and they’ve got a decent fan-base, which’ll give us Reds a bit of competition. Should be top.

Properly finally, there seems to have been a good response to the Brodsworth Welfare trip bit from a few days ago. If anyone has owt similar that they want to email to me, I’d be delighted to stick it up. Saves me wasting my time trying desperately to think of something to add to the site. Ping it over to me at and you’ll be loved forever not just be me, but by all those people who stumble across this blog whilst looking for something else.


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Cristiano Ronaldo started playing futbol at an early age (2 – 3 years old ) in a small island town more widely known for it’s farming practices that producing soccer stars.

Comment by Who is the best Ronaldo

Buenas ! seria mucha molestia brindar un poco mas de info sobre este tema ??? esta muy bueno el blog, un saludo y arriba el futbol !

Comment by Mundial de Futbol Sudafrica 2010

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