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On the subject of new stadiums and BobBlackburn Park Avenue…
July 1, 2008, 11:28 pm
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There’s still no news on BPA’s new 20,000 seater stadium based at Phoenix Park. Rumbles coming out of the Bradford are suggesting that the stadium may not go ahead as planned, if at all. Which would be a terrible shame for everyone, especially Mr Bob Blackburn. You see, his company, Kelvic Holdings Ltd, has already purchased the 36 acre site for somewhere in the region of £1million (does anyone else imagine BB touching his lip with his little finger, Dr Evil style, as he announces his bid to the seller? No? Thought not). It would be a disaster for him if anything went wrong with the deal.

Because what on earth would a property developer and builder be able do with a piece of prime real estate on the edge of a golf course in the outskirts of a city with rapidly expanding urban sprawl?

I think we should keep an eye on Andy Walsh and the rest of out board. If we secure a new site for our stadium in the next few months, I for one will be camping out next to it to make sure they don’t throw up a cul-de-sac of luxury, split level bungalows.


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