It’ll Be Off

Bob Blackburn tells It’ll Be Off to “Fcuk off!”
July 4, 2008, 9:43 pm
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Half-witted, semiliterate, moneybags behind BPA, Bob Blackburn, sensationally tore in to ‘It’ll Be Off’ tea-maker and haiku expert ‘the_itch’ yesterday. Speaking on the unofficial Bradford Park Avenue forum, Blackburn, still posting as The fucking General, let loose with a expletive-laden outburst in reply to questions surrounding Blackburn’s seeming inability to spell the word ‘politician’.

Blackburn, who had previously stated his love of (oh God) ‘banter’ said to our itchy:

Oi Itchy, i wouldn`t call your posts BANTER, try utter annoying SHITE… can you not go back to Mars and make some new friends ???? NOW FCUK OFF !!!!


The itch, while thoroughly mystified about what the fuck Mars has to do with anything, is recovering at home and is said to be in a stable condition.

Blackburn, who continues to show an almost preternatural lack of dignity and class, is at least showing he has a funny side. Albeit funny in the way a three year old is funny when it picks up its own faeces to show everyone.


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Hahahahaha – this guy has a platinum-plated Spear & Jackson 28″ County Treaded Digging Spade resplendent with Suregrip handle.

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