It’ll Be Off

It’ll be on
July 22, 2008, 11:47 am
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The GMP have given Altrincham the go ahead to host tonight’s friendly with our lot after the trouble that brought their game with a Man Utd XI to a premature end.

A police spokesman hopefully pointed out that blaming fans of a team that weren’t even fucking playing was so cock-rottingly dumb, that he’s even surprised the Altrincham lot tried it.

It does beg a question, however. Why the fuck are Altrincham fans so painfully stupid? What is it about that end of the Metrolink that causes brain-freeze on such a grand scale? I’ve only ever known two Alty fans – one a slightly odd fella who used to strip off and stuff his clothes in pool table pockets to get free games, the other a giant papier-mache headed entertainment renaissance man – so can’t fully comment on this, but it does seem they’re all total balloons, doesn’t it? I mean, I bet they were fucking delighted that the game ended early on Saturday so they could rush home, log in to their forum, and type bitter missives, dripping with disgust about the non-existant FC fans and their constant singing and drinking.
For further proof, go to the thread over on the imaginatively titled ‘‘ (I bet there’s still a fair few who can’t find the place) and have a read. It’s great stuff. And top marks to one forumista for his assessment of it all:

The altrincham forum reads like the Daily Mails letters page. Bunch of sanctimonious twats with no evidence pushing their own ignorant, jealousy-fuelled anti-FC agenda. Fuck em. They can keep their friendly.”



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‘Statto’ (Angus Loughran) from Fantasy Football/Channel 4 Racing said on one episode he is an Alty fan.

Wikipedia claims he supports your (old?) lot though, so who knows…

Comment by CTT

The thing I admire most about English football is that all the clubs in the country, from big to small, have fans and in really big numbers compared to other European countries were only the maybe top 2 or 3 leagues have supported teams and all the others are for family and friends of the players there to support and watch.

Comment by The Big Football

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