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Tunji Moses
July 22, 2008, 7:47 am
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Is anyone else going to admit to casting envious glances over to AFC Liverpool as more and more legends (in the Sky Sports Masters sense of the word) show their support for the new club. Wouldn’t it be nice if one or two of our former players gave us a shout out? Other than Peter Davenport, and, supposedly, Eric Cantona (as much as I hate to publicise such a shit magazine, apparently in Andy Mitten’s interview with the Great Man he has nothing but good words for us).

That, I think, was the joy of having Rhodri Giggs playing for us. It was a link to our past. A joyous reminder that we were, are, and always will be Reds. Which makes little sense when you evaluate it, so I beg you not to. It makes even less sense considering how quickly Rhodri goes through clubs, but anyway.

So my cup runneth over with the news that Tunji Moses, the hard man son of 80s United hard man Remi Moses, has signed up to play for us next season. Those who were at the Salford cup game two seasons ago will remember Tunji as a nasty bastard who should have got sent off. Twice. He’s, as Margy has pointed out, exactly the sort of player we’ve been missing recently – someone who can stick their foot in (both, if required), win the ball, and bully the opposition.

Five Fun Tunji Facts:

1. Tunji is a Nigerian name meaning ‘joy comes again’. Which is fairly apt.
2. Tunji Moses used to play Roller Hockey, whatever that is, for Macclesfield Meltdown.
3. Tunji is one of four current FC United players to have played for Salford in the infamous cup tie at the Willows in October 2006. The others are Dale Whitehead, Jamie Baguley, and Nick Robinson. And given the Salford goalscorers were Robinson and J-Bag, we can now claim we won the match 3-0.
4. Actually, that’s all I’ve got, but ‘three fun Tunji facts’ would have sounded half-arsed.


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Tunjii ia also a Middleton lad and United fan, close mates with other Middleton signing Dave Neville (brother of Lee Neville who played for Oldham Town against us at Gigg lane in the first season whilst wearing Gold boots)

Comment by Andy Kershaw

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