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The Tamworth fans are revolting
July 28, 2008, 9:45 am
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Following on from getting blamed for trouble not involving us at Altrincham the other week, Tamworth fans have gone one better and have attempted to blame us for trouble that didn’t even occur.

According to some shit thread on a forum full of idiots, FC United fans turned up in number on Saturday, some of whom were drunk, and others who dared have a sing song. Worst of all, many of the fans had bald heads.

I don’t really know where to start with this sort of bollocks, but being sneered at for being Manc by people from fucking Tamworth would probably be a good start. OK, Manchester isn’t perfect (as Ian Brown pointed out, it doesn’t have a beach) but it isn’t fucking Tamworth either. And while Manchester brought the world the Industrial Revoultion, the Suffragette movement, the first computer, the Communist Manifesto, The Stone Roses, and whatever the fuck else you’d care to mention, Tamworth has brought us the Tamworth Snowdome.

Cheap point scoring aside, much of that thread appears to be formed of an unpleasant snobbery. Describing people as extras from Shameless, being bald, having tattoos, being drunk even. Well excuse us for not being a bunch of Yakult drinking Sebastians and Gemimas.

(And as for the moron and his “i don’t think they like being asked if they are from essex. every time i asked one of them i managed to keep a straight face and some of the reactions i got were fucking hilarious.” is there anything less funny than ripping off recycled Baddiel and Skinner jokes from 1995? There may have been no trouble, but this fucktard probably deserved a slap just for being so criminally witless).

No, it seems that our crimes were to act exactly how football fans should act. I’m sorry if that upset the delicate sensibilities of the Tamworth ‘fans’, but that’s just the nature of our particular beast.


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“Worst of all, many of the fans had bald heads.”

that’s me and most of the ‘Cables’ Massive’ buggered then…


Come to think of it, wasn’t Julian Cope from Tamworth?


we have the following and proud

sir robert peel founder of old bill

the reliant robbin (only fools and horses) made i tamworth

Drayton manor 2nd biggest theme park in uk

the famous sandyback pigs

Comment by Tammy and proud

At least us Tammies are 3rd in the BSN and doin’ better than you northern useless bunch of tossin’ wanked mother freekin’ inbred useless tw@t5. Go back to Old Trafford and pucker up to the Glazier’s arse’s, that’s all your good for!

Comment by Tammy and proud

[…] it in to a phone socket, they stumbled across my blog and were outraged by the suggestion that nothing of any importance had ever come from their daft little town. Apparently Tamworth is home to the first policeman, some pigs, and a two other things of such […]

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“No, it seems that our crimes were to act exactly how football fans should act. ”

So, to be a football fan you have to act like a twat? Right, that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all these years.
Next time I go to a football match I’ll get thoroughly pissed out of my skull, abuse the stewards and the opposition supporters regardless of age or gender, take alcohol onto the ground against the rules and smash up and spray beer around the clubhouse, I’ll fit right in then won’t I?

Oh, and I’ll sing songs about a different club from the one I apparently came to support.

Hurry up and get into the league won’t you, you lot don’t belong in non-league football. Except that when you get there you might find you won’t get away with your idiotic, “we’re bigger than you we can do what we want” behaviour.

Comment by Dave Cooper

Incredibly great article. Really..

Comment by Roxie Hunter

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