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The world finally catches up with It’ll Be Off
July 29, 2008, 2:15 pm
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The story first broken on here regarding BPA’s hilarious ‘tour’ of Spain finally hit the mainstream media yesterday with Bradford’s Telegraph and Argus running a story about it (who tipped them off, I wonder…). From that, it was picked up by the Guardian, in their Fiver email, and later by Danny Kelly on Talksport, who reportedly referred to Bobby Blackburn as a ‘crook’.

Despite the coverage that has made the powers that be look incredibly foolish, here at It’ll Be Off we can’t help thinking they got away with it slightly. There still seems to be questions surrounding the tour, and especially just how many players went on it, and what form these games took.

Still, let’s leave it for now, eh? It’s only a matter of time before Bob Blackburn makes himself look stupid(er) once more, and then we can have something else – something new – to laugh at.

Incidentally, we were giggling stupidly into our Fish Finger sandwiches (from an organic, sustainable source, natch) this lunchtime when Bob Blackburn tried to palm this off as a PR victory for his team. In barely legible English he scrawled, tongue poking out of the side of his mouth, how they effectively got a full page ad in the T&A for free.

Well he’s right, I suppose. A lot more people have heard of him and his team today than yesterday. But they all think he’s a complete clown, and in one case, a crook.

A full report of this story will appear in the next ‘Under The Boardwalk’ fanzine, available as soon as the editorial staff have stopped laughing long enough to piece it together.


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What the devil is that possibly related post all about?

“I’ve been exploring Paterson for a few days”

Anyway, good work, Mr Anonymous.

(Oh, I’ve just realised you’ve put your full name in your ‘About’ section. Woodward and Bernstein didn’t get told to follow the money by someone as brazen as this you know…)

Comment by CTT

I can imagine EgoBob as we speak wringing his hands muttering “and I woulda got away with it if it wasn’t for that pesky Manc” whislt being led away by League Officials. Good sleuthing and tyke busting.

Comment by Getty

How about this for a piece of self-aggrandisement from the Bradford PA website.

“Bringing us right up to date, the club now playing from The Horsfall Stadium has encountered a new leader in Mr Robert Stewart Blackburn. Mr Blackburn took over the helm nearly 12 months ago and his vision of taking the club back to its glory days is clear for all to see. The board of directors are wholly behind the changes and the objective of regaining football league status is very much underway. The first stage of transforming Horsfall Stadium has been completed:, new seating, new corporate hospitality, new refreshment and new terracing has all meant an increased gate week on week. Indeed the attendances are now reaching new highs when set against figures in the last 7 to 10 years.

There is no doubt about it, Mr Blackburn and his board have a clear plan and whilst the results continue to improve on the pitch the backroom staff are really beginning to show Corporate class in driving Bradford Park Avenue back to being the N.o1 club in the City.”

Comment by Wibble Wobble

Egobob has plenty of arse-limpets over at his end. And they even dared to use the word ‘class’. Tsk!

Comment by Getty

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