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John Warrington is still a lying fuckwit.
August 1, 2008, 11:53 am
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I’m not sure of the legal ramifications of this post’s title. And given my legal advisor specialises mainly in employment law, and is largely imaginery, he’s not being much use. Still, not to worry, if Warrington ever challenges it, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that I’m right.

Warrington popped up in the Non League Today paper, in an article so vacuous that people become visibly stupider just by reading it. And while it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to hit the oh-so-high standards we achieve here at It’ll Be Off (with the BPA tour piece a definite for inclusion in John Pilger’s next anthology of investigative journalism articles) it isn’t too much to ask a journalist to point out inaccuracies, lies and misinformation, is it?

Well, clearly it is. Warrington seemed to blame everyone but himself for the collapse of the Invision deal, without once recognising the fact that he failed to pay in the region of £50,000 promised to the league and its members (To quote ‘The Big Lebowski’, “Where’s the fucking money, shit-head?”). The reasons for this fiscal shortfall? Some absolute bollocks about DVDs that I can’t even be arsed to try and understand. Nothing to do with your shit product that no one was interested in then, John?

It seems that Warrington has prior for this. In 2003 he was behind a subscription broadband channel that aimed to provide coverage of Conference football. It soon folded leaving all (both?) the customers out of pocket. You’d think that the experience would have put him off, wouldn’t you? I mean, if a higher profile league with far more potential customers can’t sustain this sort of product, then how exactly did he think he was going to make it work at NPL level?

Yet despite this, a bemused John Warrington whinged to Non League Today, “Repeated attempts by our company to get to the negotiating table with the league have been met with no response.” and further claimed that due to ‘breach of contract’ he was looking to recoup the £25,000 he’d already paid to the league. It’s flabbergasting, really.

FC United are lucky in that they have a superb operation in, and enough fans to make it worth while. Not all clubs at Unibond level do. There just isn’t the interest at this level to make a dedicated channel worthwhile. And Warrington can bitch and simper all he likes about not being provided with footage to make his highlight DVD (and who the fuck was going to buy that, exactly?) but the fact remains that he’s stiffed the clubs out of £800 each. Nice one, John.


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John Warrington is now general manager at Ashford Town (Middx). I fear the worst for them

Comment by Worried Man

Having just resigned from Ashford Town Middx FC. because of a certain person who cannot be named ( sounds like Harry Potter ),I would dearly love to hear in person from anybody who could enlighten me into past financial matters concerning the subject, as some of his financial goings on ATFC seem rather eratic!

Comment by Alan Cox

Mr Cox, I heard the real reason you resigned was because you said you didn’t want 11 black players in the team.

Comment by Marco Taylor

I am sure you can appreciate how words can be twisted to suit the aggressor. It was agreed in front of all concerned that the comments ( which by the way were said to John Warrington during a private conversation )were not racist but were initially interpreted that way. I don’t believe that the current manager Jamie Lawrence would offer to buy me drinks or accept drinks from me following games if he thought that I was a racist. Also as I am a season ticket holder and go to nearly all of the matches, it is clear that I support Jamie and his team.
I resigned because of the lack of support I received from other board members who were more interested in the monetary support J.W. was going to put in rather than take the Club back to the ethos it once had.

Needless to say that monetary support is no longer available and hasn’t been for the best part of this season which has left the Club paying players wages it can ill afford which were based on his budget and his suppossed sponsership.

Need I say more?

Comment by Alan Cox

Nothing to do with saying you didn’t want a team of black players at Ashford then?

Comment by John Warrington

Nothing to say about being a lying fuckwit mr warrington? 
Any unfortunates having to deal with this unsavoury character would do well to insist on a large percentage of whatever he’s promising UPFRONT. A lengthy track record of failing to deliver has left many clubs, subscribers, freelancers and 2 leagues disappointed and out of pocket. 

Comment by Out of pocket

alan wanted more local players i dont think he would be referring to the colour of the players skin, as more local players produce more revenue for the club to grow as well as players staying behind after a game for a drink, its understanable that they need to leave early to get back home but this is the point alan was trying to put across all so the club can grow! as for J.W i have a sufficient amount of evidence that he is stealing and still is a cheating repulsive lying big ball of fuck!!!!

Comment by the one who will not be named

I see is latest “project” The Fifth Beatle Shows have been cancelled at late notice. Wonder how much he screwed that lot for …..

Comment by walter mitty

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