It’ll Be Off

And we’re off…
August 18, 2008, 6:36 am
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(Wilson 2, Chris Baguley)

With Kris Stewart acting the luvvie and refusing to submit the second part of his interview to us until we sort out the image and copyright issues (far be it from me to criticise anyone for dragging their heels when submitting an article, mind, given that my piece destined for the hallowed pages of Under The Boardwalk still sits smugly and dangerously in my My Documents folder. In fact, since I started writing it, a whole new fanzine – A Fine Lung – has been imagined, written, printed, and sold out. But fucking look a minute, this is art. It can’t be rushed. If Pope Julius II was in a hurry, he could have given Michaelangelo a huge great roller and told him to hurry to fuck up with that bloody roof).

Where was I?

Ah yes, the lack of updates.

Last time I updated this site, the season hadn’t started. We were still a good few days away from the start of the season, and I had many clever things planned for this blog. But I fucked up the opportunity to do so, life getting in the way of wasting time once more, and we’ve all lost out. No witty preview, no predictions league, no hilarious Andy Townsend style tactics truck. A lot of good stuff has simply disappeared in to the ether.

But not to worry, because the most important thing is that not only has the season kicked off, but we’re undefeated. Whist I was tromping round central London, arms laden with shopping bags, puffing out my cheeks, sighing with discontent, periodically checking my watch trying to make it clear THAT I HAVE BETTER FUCKING THINGS TO DO WITH MY TIME, our lovely boys were putting Matlock to the sword, errr, 3-3. With a precious, precious last minute equaliser from Chris Baguley. And while I promised myself that I’d be back in God’s own country by the start of the football season, I’m not. I’m still living in Covent Garden Hell.

Which is a round about way of saying that if anyone fancies doing mach reports for me until I get back up North, drop me an email to and your work will be presented up here to an average daily audience of about 120 people. If not, be prepared for half a season’s worth of Saturday afternoon reports from Oxford, Bond and Regents Streets.


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I thought you’d already gone back up North and had found time to stick two past Leeds at Elland Road.

Comment by CTT

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