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August 20, 2008, 7:22 am
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Whilst doing some research on another project I intend to start but never finish, I stumbled across a rather splendid looking Swedish Manchester/FC United blog. And while I don’t speak Swedish, indeed I can barely communicate in my mother tongue, something about it seemed, I dunno, familiar. Take, for instance, the following:

Andra kända kameler:

Joe Camel – Den här cigarettrökande, tio tåiga undulaten gjorde sitt namn i reklamen för Camel cigaretterna. Han dök upp för första gången 1974 och rökte sin väg runt hela världen på olika billboards och magasin sidor, innan han sorgligt dog 1987 av lungemfysem.

The Weeping Camel – Som var med i 2003 års mongoliska dokumentär med namnet, ehhh, ‘The Weeping Camel’. Kamelen i fråga var en ovanlig vit baktrian kamel kalv, som hade övergetts av sin mor. Kamelen i titeln är endast ett redskap för producenterna Byambasuren Davaa och Luigi Falorni att få fram den större bilden, om ett dramatiskt annat sätt att leva som på en och samma gång är irriterande romantiskt och brutalt stark. Eller, ”den här djävla skiten” som en tjejkompis beskrev den. ”Jag väljer nästa gång. Och den ska ha med Jennifer Aniston.”

Kamel tån – Kamel tå är en slang term som refererar till den kamel tå liknande skapelse som uppstår på en kvinna som bär väldigt tajta kläder nertill.

Interesting, I thought to myself, a Swedish blog independently to my own chooses to witlessly list three other famous camels in their preview for FC United’s match at Cammell Laird. And what a spooky coincidence they should choose the same three famous camels I chose.

On further investigation I noticed this site was choc full of these amazing coincidences. It’s as if my words had been, well, stolen. But I’m sure no one would purposefully do that. I’m sure that it’s all a great misunderstanding, and that they meant to link to my blog. They meant to give credit to me after every fucking article they lifted from my site. And when they write ‘Honk’s preview’ what they actually meant was ‘Preview shamelessly ripped off from ‘It’ll Be Off’. Though to give the guy some credit, at least he had the decency to come up with his own score prediction. 4-1 United? HA! You’re worse at this than me.

So, in future, Mr Honk, if you’re going to steal my work, fucking have the good grace to let people know where you got it from. I don’t mind you going to the effort of translating my deranged missives, it’s kind of flattering. But when you start passing it off as your work, when it clearly aint, I get a little vexed.

Cheers ears.


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Add him to your Blogroll – then he’ll know he’s been rumbled…

Comment by CTT

Hi It’ll be off….I’m really sorry about this….I found your blog quite a while ago and loved it….and since I can’t get hold of much info about FC other then from the official site I’ve used your stuff, and I wrote it the first time I used it to my readers, ‘taken from the brilliant FC blog It’ll be off’….of course I should have asked you about this, don’t know what I was thinking about…..if it’s ok with you, can I use your stuff again (and of course add ‘taken from the brilliant It’ll be off blog’?)Sorry again, will buy u a beer at the Swan!!

Comment by Mikael Holmkvist

Thanks for your response, and apology. It’s not a problem, Mikael. Indeed, you have an email flying your way right now.

Comment by Taylor

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