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FC United of Manchester 3-1 Whitby Town
August 31, 2008, 5:00 pm
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When Karl Marginson announced to the fans of our newly formed club that in David Chadwick he’d found his Steve Bruce, there was an immediate understanding. It was reminiscent of the scene in The Godfather pt II where Michael announces that in Rocco Lampone he’d found his Luca Brasi. The meaning, in both cases, is clear. Both Margy and Michale Corleon had unearthed a faithful lieutenant who can be trusted to put his body on the line to achieve the goals set out by his boss.

In an ideal, fairy-tale world, David Chadwick wouldn’t be a city fan. I stop short of calling him a blue. I don’t believe his is any more. Given he’s the on-field embodiment of our club, I think he can justly wear the title ‘red’. Along with the gaffer himself, and Rob Nugent, Chadwick is indispensable to this club.

Following the Supporters Direct cup match a couple of seasons ago I bumped in to David Chadwick in the Swan and Cemetery. Dave Brown had both captained the side and scored the winning goal against Wimbledon that day, as Chadwick wasn’t in the team. I asked him if, despite it being a preseason tournament, it stuck in the craw slightly seeing Dave Brown lift the trophy.

“Of course it did.” He replied, “Winning trophies is what it’s all about. Dave Brown actually asked if I wanted to lift the trophy with him, but I didn’t want to. I want to be out there winning my own trophies.”

I was suitably impressed. So much so I lost the power of speech and mumbled something embarrassingly naff to him in reply. He walked off, looking bemused having been accosted by yet another drunken idiot. I walked off in a similar starry-eyed stupor to when I bumped in to Mike Atherton in the John Lewis in Cheadle.

It feels strange spending my time discussing David Chadwick, a centre back, following a game in which our new striker scored a hat-trick. But so immence has Chaddy been, that I feel it’s entirely justified pointing it out. He had been man of the match in every game so far the term, and was again yesterday. That’s not to demean the efforts of Kyle Wilson, Sam Ashton and Carlos Roca et al, of course, but Chaddy has been a rock, a colossus, and any other defensive footballing cliché you’d care to throw at him. Given how shaky we’ve looked at the back, I dread to think what would have happened had he not been playing this year.

So things are looking much rosier this week, following our win against pointless Whitby. We sit in the relative comfort and safety of mid-table, a position most of us would happy to be in come season’s end. However, things willhave to improve dramatically if we’re to beat BPA on Monday night.

Oh please God, let us beat BPA On Monday night…


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