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“Tammy and proud”
September 3, 2008, 5:53 am
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At least us Tammies are 3rd in the BSN and doin’ better than you northern useless bunch of tossin’ wanked mother freekin’ inbred useless tw@t5. Go back to Old Trafford and pucker up to the Glazier’s arse’s, that’s all your good for!

Well it took them long enough, but eventually some Tamworth fans found the internet. Having hooked up their etch-a-sketch to a typewriter, and plugged it in to a phone socket, they stumbled across my blog and were outraged by the suggestion that nothing of any importance had ever come from their daft little town. Apparently Tamworth is home to the first policeman, some pigs, and a two other things of such breathtaking cultural importance I can’t even remember what they were.

Anyway, the above message was left in my comments section by a guy called Henry. He claims his email address is, but if that’s the case he appears to have some official connection with the club. He’d also be massively, massively stupid to leave such an abusive comment and put his name and email address to it. Which, judging by the way he uses the English language, isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

So, Henry, thanks for your feedback. I’ll be making inquiries today as to whether or not you exist (actually, I probably wont. I’ve got a fair bit of work on, but should someone else wish to, they can go for it), and if you do, why you’re spending your time sending me abusive and grammatically imperfect emails. Helpfully, this site also logged your IP address,, from which I can get all manner of useful information.

So nice one, Henry, you ‘mother freaker’, you.


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You really are a self-important twat aren’t you?

I doubt our Henry gives a flying one what you think of him to be honest, and I also doubt that he or the club are particularly worried that you have his e-mail address and ip! What are you gonna do with it? Report him for calling you what you are? Ooh, I bet he’s quaking in his trainers.

Season going well?

Smashed up any clubhouses lately?

Comment by Dave Cooper

Just noticed your tags! How clever, what a wit you are.

I might put something on my own blog about you and tag it:

fucknut; cock-knocker; pretend-hooligan; would_really_like_to_be_at_Old_Trafford_but_they_wouldn’t_let_me_behave_like_a_cunt_there:

Comment by Dave Cooper

Go for it.

Comment by Taylor

My word, Dave, I’d strongly advise that you take the hook out of your lip before you do.

Comment by Getty

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