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Pugilism round-up
September 12, 2008, 11:53 am
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Ah, pugilism, the sport of hitting other men until they fall over. Or, as some fella I’ve never heard of put it, show business with blood.

As a rule, we at It’ll Be Off try and avoid physical confrontation, relying instead on our acerbic wit to get us out of scrapes. The pen is mightier than the sword indeed, especially when stabbed repeatedly in to someone’s neck, as anyone who has seen Goodfellas will be able to testify.

But despite our pacifism/cowardice, we aren’t afraid to put up our dukes once in a while, and box our way out of trouble. Living on the mean streets of South East London, in an area where local MP Harriet Harman refuses to tread without a stab vest, it is inevitable that you will find yourself in trouble sooner or later. I was recently approached by a rowdy thug outside the 24 hour Costcutters who aggressively demanded money and cigarettes. Before they could shank me, I laid them down with a flurry of head punches, before running off home, leaving them lying in a pool of their own blood and snot. Who would have thought a 14 year old girl had that much blood in them?

Anyway, Middleton fighter, match-going FC United fan, and mate of Tunji Moses and Dave Neville, Matthew Hall, fought on the undercard at the MEN Arena on Saturday night. Watched by the FC United first team, Hall smashed the fook out of Welshman Taz Jones, the ref stopping the fight inthe fifth round.

FCUMTV interviewed Hall recently, and the footage can be seen here.


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‘Twas Casino which featured the Joe Pesci neck pen-stabbing scene.

Comment by CTT

So it was. My apologies. Still, at least I knew it wasn’t ‘My Cousin Vinny’.

Comment by Taylor

[…] Pugilism round-up […]

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