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Nantwich Town 0-0 FC United of Manchester
September 15, 2008, 12:27 pm
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I think we viewed their visit in the way you would a visit from relatives from a slightly rougher part of the family – you’re very fond of them but there’s the element of the fixed grin as you try to accept their earthy ways

The following appeared on the Wimbledon rivals site following our visit down there last summer. It’s reassuring to know that at least some folk get it. Week after sodding week, we get back from the match only to find opposition fans have scampered straight from the ground to their computers to whinge like little bitches at our behaviour. It’s the same old tired story: Football fans drink. Football fans sing. Football fans swear. Other football fans run home to the internet and stuffily complain that it’s just not on. And it happened once more after the Nantwich game.

Clearly there is something about us that just rubs people up the wrong way. There seems to be an overriding view that our behaviour just isn’t non league, and we should take it back to league football where it belongs. Which is puzzling, as one of the reasons we’re all here is because you can’t act like that in league football. You can’t stand, and bounce, and shout, and drink, and have fun. No more than you can act like that at a play or opera or something. There are rules in place to stop you. But whatever.

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding our club, despite having been around for three years now. The fact that so many people do get it is reassuring. But there seems to be an established order in non league that we just don’t fit in to. We’re seen as scruffy upstarts, uncouth oiks who are ruining other people’s enjoyment. Well fuck that. While we should be careful not to be genuinely intimidating, or cause any trouble – something that has never really been a problem for us, despite hysterical, hyperbolic reports to the contrary – we’ve got fuck all to worry about. We’re having fun, and we’re doing it right, and that’s the main thing.

But anyway, now that’s off my chest, the match. The introduction of Danny Warrender and Simon Garner at fullback made our defence look a hell of a lot more secure, but it still took a late penalty save from Sam Ashton to keep us in the tie. Indeed, we could have gone on to win the game after Nantwich had a player sent off for two bookable offences. But with the defence (hopefully) sorted, it’ll give us a platform to go out and win (or even draw some, I’m not too fussy right now) some games. Starting with Wednesday night’s replay.


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