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Attila the stockbroker
September 25, 2008, 8:23 am
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Brighton and Hove Albion supporting, punk poet Attila the Stockbroker left the following message on the forum this morning, causing a degree of excitement at I’ll Be Off towers that’s possibly not warranted:

2 gigs in the NW meant that last Saturday I cleverly avoided our home defeat to nine man Walsall (!) and finally made a long anticipated first visit to FC. Really impressed, everything I thought it would be and more. Fantastic atmosphere, brilliant banners, and the best bit of all was the song sung to the tune of ‘Anarchy in the UK’ (I’m DJ/stadium announcer at Brighton and during our darkest days in exile at Gillingham was officially banned from playing that by the Kent Constabulary….I put the Clash on instead) Couldn’t work out the words though!

Well done everyone involved in your brave, inspirational initiative. I’m sure you all know our history – we Brighton fans know exactly what it is to fight for the existence of our club after our ground was stolen from us by greedy moneymen, and you have loads of friends down here. You truly are what I’d love us to be – the English St Pauli, and that’s high praise indeed! If you ever want some loud rude leftie ranting poetry and songs at one of your fund raisers, you’re on….

I was going to post a message this week anyway, but I’m sure you know what’s coming next, and I’m sure you think it’s even funnier than we do! We stuffed the ‘richest club in the world’ fair and square last night (to the pre match strains of ‘Money Money Money’ ‘Hippy Hippy Sheikh’ ‘Take the Money and Run’ and ‘Rock the Casbah’) and it just goes to prove that all the money in the world can’t stop football still being the wonderful, unpredictable game we love. Some City fans were moaning they left out Robinho and some of the other ‘stars’. Well, our top scorer Nicky Forster was out as well. Stop whinging!!! A victory for real football. Just like FC United. Hope we get to play each other one day….and all the best.


If I needed an excuse to post one of his poems, I suppose this is it. ‘A Symptom Of Modern Society’ was inspired by cretinous former York City chairman John Batchelor who claimed that the demonstrations from angry York fans was “a symptom of modern society”.


It’s a symptom of modern society.
When our team’s getting stuffed, we complain!
When our history’s sold for developers’ gold
We protest again and again!

When we’re told we’re ‘half-wits’ who ‘make trouble
We get angry and filled with suspicion.
‘Cos behind talk like that there’s quite often a rat
Abusing a hallowed position….

We’re no longer just dumb cannon fodder.
We’re the fans, it’s our club, and we care.
We want participation, not patronisation!
Let us in – we’ll do more than our share.

Please don’t tell us to ‘mind our own business’.
It’s our ‘business’ as much as it’s yours!
We’ve been there since the start, we’re the lifeblood, the heart.
Ever played a match behind closed doors?

It’s a symptom of modern society.
We supporters have got off our knees!
It’s a symptom we’re going to encourage –
Until it becomes a disease!

You can read more of his poetry on his official website,


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