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Republik Of Mancunia: A response
October 12, 2008, 10:34 pm
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The Republik of Mancunia is written by me, a true Manc, who loves his team, and isn’t too ashamed about the red tinted glasses he wears when writing about them. I try to bring as much realism and statistical evidence in to my writing as I possibly can, whilst leaving some room for the warm and fuzzy feeling supporting the club leaves me with.

The above is taken from the ‘about’ page of, a site that had thankfully remained off my radar until today. That paragraph alone is enough to have me clicking desperately for the little x in the top right hand corner of my screen. The rest of the site is no better.

Well, that’s not fair, I suppose. I’ve not read the rest of the site in its entirety. And nor do I ever intend to. So put off have I been by the vicious ignorance shown in just one post, I’ve decided I’d rather read the back of a Timotei bottle than any more of his tripe.

This article here is full of the usual fallacies, untruths and misinformation that we’ve become accustomed to, but what’s really upsetting is that unlike previously, it has been written by a fellow United fan. And a ‘true Manc’ an all, whatever the fuck that means. Well apparently it means he’s from North Wales, if what I’ve been led to believe is correct. Not that that matters, of course, as has been stated numerous times before, it’s not where you’re from and all that. But why lie?

I find it impossible to believe that ‘Scott The Red’ is completely ignorant of the issues that brought about the need for FC United. He’s just as affected by them as we are. Yet he has studiously ignored them, and decided instead that it’s all about money. It’s not, and he knows it’s not. But Scott appears to be a very money orientated fella. If it’s not his lousy, piss-poor merchandising operation, selling second rate t-shirts, and making personal profit from the Munich air crash, it’s his offer of advertising space: “You can place a graphic ad for $100 / month or $250 / 3 months in our sidebar.”

What a lovely offer, Scott. But no ta. And rather than buy one of your substandard shirts, I’ll carry on using T-Shirts United, who make a donation to our club for every one of their FC United range they sold. Tell us Scott, how much money from the proceeds of your site have you donated to Manchester United, and the victims and survivors of the Munich air crash? Not one true Manc penny, I’d imagine.

It’s no wonder he doesn’t like, or get what our club is about with such shame-faced profiteering as that. As he sits in his Old Trafford seat, like a true Manc of course, pondering why we can’t afford £26 to be able to attend a match once in a while, we continue to make a stand against the increasing costs of football, the continued isolation of the normal fan and the removal of our great club from the community it’s meant to represent. But fuck that, Scott. You just see it as an opportunity for cheap point scoring, to serve your agenda, and give you a chance to amuse your forum full of limp-minded imbeciles. Even the most cursory glance at it shows it’s a breeding ground for the sort of anti-FC bile that’s so damaging to our clubs. And what happens if anyone questions this banal rhetoric? They get banned by a site admin who admits to never having been to Manchester, let alone Old Trafford. Another true Manc, no doubt.

I said I wouldn’t bother with the main points of the article, and I won’t. It’s a waste of my time and yours. We’ve all been over it a hundred times before. I just wish to address the ‘realism and statistical evidence’ Scott is so evidently proud of. It’s bollocks, Scott. Utter shit. You can’t compare the price of tickets the way you did. It’s a false representation and you know it. You’re not comparing like for like at all. Tickets in London are always more expensive, as the average wage there is higher. And where does your impressively flawed logic stop? Would you shrug off £60 tickets because QPR recently charged £50 to see their team play Derby County? Would you bollocks. The Manchester United tickets, in isolation, for Manchester United fans, are too expensive. And they’re going up all the time. And instead of making a stand against this, you choose to judge those who do. Added to that, you turn a potentially interesting investigation in to ticket prices, into another boring and wholly unnecessary sideswipe against FC United.

It’s a piss poor article, from a piss poor person, on what I now assume to be a piss-poor site (I’m more than happy to be proved wrong about this, by the way). I can only assume that Scott has seen the split in fans as an opportunity to become a Top Red, much in the way Tufty did. He’s a self-promoting, self-publicising wind bag. He may write with the warm and fuzzy feeling that supporting his club gives him, but that fuzzy feeling appears to be in his brain.

Scott, do better.


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Ouch. Piss poor person?

Like I said in the article, if FC United formed back in 2000 after the large season ticket increases, I’d have a hell of a lot more respect for everything that’s been done. Everyone outside of Manchester was certain we’d started our decline, like Liverpool’s after the 80’s, at the end of that 2005 season… and FC United was born. If there had been thousands of people in 2000, a year after winning the Treble, who had said they would never step foot inside Old Trafford again because of the increases, then it’d be very different. There were a few grumbles about the fact our captain’s wage had been cited as the reason by our club for the price hike

For every proper fan who turns their back on United, their seat is filled by some tourist who doesn’t sing and is looking for a good day out to watch “Man U”.

Why can’t I compare our tickets prices to those in London? Everything is more expensive in London, granted, but that does that mean that it makes sense you could get to 70 United matches for the price you could get a 1-year season ticket at the Emirates? It’s not just the London clubs though. Going to see Boro vs Chelsea at the Riverside could cost you £11 more than watching United vs Chelsea at Old Trafford.

The money I make from the t-shirts is pitiful, around £1 for each item sold, which just goes in to paying for hosting and freebies for prize winners on the forum. I’m selling shirts for £8 on there, of which I get £1 (Spreadshirt get the remaining £7), I’m hardly out to make my fortune.

It would have been nice if you had the decency to ask about any of that shit before assuming the worst and talking about me like you know fuck all about me. Pop by the Manor or the Pelican in Sale if you want to have words though, I’d be more than happy to self-promote and self-publicise myself in person, fancy that, a wind bag in the flesh. You can disagree with my stance on supporting United, just as I can disagree with fans who left United for FC, but that doesn’t call for low rent mud-slinging.

Comment by scottthered7

So, in effect, you’re asking me to check my facts, right?


Comment by Taylor

No, what he’s saying is….

That if Britain had declared war on Germany before 1939 then it would have been more credible. However, because they waited for Germany to invade Poland, it wasn’t.

Something like that anyway.

Comment by Millhouse

He says it would be the decent thing to do! What the decent thing to do is not slag off fellow Reds for makeing a stance. The timed served Reds of which there are many who go to FC, have been there, seen it & done it. They don’t deserve the shit that those who stayed are spouting. This mong will never get close to being “A TRUE MANC” in the same way as many of them. We don’t give them shit for funding the Gimps. They made a choice and we respect that.

Comment by FC 05 FAZ

Were you aware that Scott (republikofmancunia) sells disgusting T-shirts exploiting football tragedies? Scott has been brought to task about this on the following site and showed his true colours. He sounds like a truly despicable human being.

Comment by Paul

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