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the loneliness of the long distance runner
October 17, 2008, 6:08 pm
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This Sunday sees FC United’s minithon, an event where red faced men in their middle age lollop around a park in the name of charity, mate. I was approached to take part, and being as lazy as I am unfit, I pointed out with great joy that as I sadly live in London, I would be unable to take part. But, I added with a hearty chuckle, if anyone should see fit to organise an event dahn sarf, I would be more than happy to join in. I knew full well that this would never happen, but the offer would lend credibility and gravitas to me.

Well it all back fired when the Southern Branch organised a tromp around Battersea Park on the same day as the Northern minithon. How gutted was I? But I am a man of my word, and despite my chronic lack of fitness, and serious motivation issues, I’m as ready for this run as I’ll ever be.

Which is not at all. So far all I’ve done is narrowed it down to three pairs of unsuitable trainers to wear from an original number twenty two. As for training? Well, I tried. I walked up the steps at Russell Square tube instead of taking the lift, and I had a brief jog down to the chippy the other day at lunch. Of course, the flip side to that is that I had to have a ten minute lie down half way through eating my spring roll, but baby steps and all that.

Should you want to sponsor me, you can do here. Eagle-eyed (or just ‘eyed’ viewers really, so glaring is the total) readers will notice my current total raised is, errr, £0.00. But not to worry! I have pledges in, they just haven’t filled in the forms as yet. All money raised gets split evenly between medequip4kids and the club.


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