It’ll Be Off

Dominic Offman
October 30, 2008, 6:15 pm
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Leigh’s ‘visionary chairman’ Dominic Speakman broke the hearts of his clubs dozens of fans this week when he announced he had pulled out of the club. It was a bizarre echo of the week’s other big news story, when Russell Brand broke the heart of Andrew Sachs’s by announcing he had pulled out of Sachs’s Granddaughter. And while 28,000 morons complained to the Beeb over one story, a similar number of morons spent yesterday saying “I fucking told you so!” to anyone who’d listen, and plenty who didn’t.

I am one such moron. And while I have some sympathy for the fans of the club, I have to ask them, why are so surprised? It took Speakman precisely four months to tire of his little project, or at least it was all getting a bit too expensive for him. The local authorities have to shoulder some of the blame, but maybe, just maybe, if Speakman hadn’t spunked loads of money on a pointless rebrand, and paying professional wages, he’d have had more money to spend on the day to day costs of running a football club.

As it is, the Leigh players have said they’ll play one match for free – the Trophy tie against Cammell Laird, and after that it looks like being reserve and youth team players for the rest of the season. After that? No one knows what will happen.

And just to rub in the ‘I told you so’ aspect of it all, here’s a comment from my blog when I first wrote about the Leigh Genesis story in June:

We’ll last longer than you tossers, we didn’t run away & take our ball home when we got a new owner & I notice they managed to win the league & European cup after you lot fucked off!!!

Well. Not to worry.


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It gladdens the soul to hear of the demise of the Leigh dream. What now for Bleo the bullshitter? That’s the question anyone who’s anyone is asking.

Comment by Kowalski

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