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i’d like to thank…
December 15, 2008, 8:00 pm
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Me: Good

Best new blogger, eh? Wow. The pressure is on now. Will I make it through to the ‘Best Blogger Category’ next year, or will I let it all go to my head, and disappear in a cloud of rum and hookers, to resurface years from now writing a Celebrity Love Island blog, a pale, barely recognisable shadow of my former self? With any luck I’ll do both.

Traditionally this is where I take the stage and thank everyone from me Mam to Jesus for this. I’m not going to do so. I’d like to do an Eric Cantona and dryly thank everyone, even those who didn’t vote for me, but I’m not sure I could get away with that. Though, you know, if you did vote for me, cheers. Even if it was only out of a sense of duty. Also, big thanks to twohundredpercent for bigging me up, and Getty for press-ganging and water-boarding people until they voted for me.

But special praise is reserved for the one man who made this blog possible. The one man who provided so much material, so much mirth, and incredulous gawping, to keep me blogging for another decade at least. And with no sign of his bad craziness abating, I look forward to him and I sharing far more success in the future.

Robert S Blackburn, Chief Exec of Bradford (Park Avenue) FC, I dedicate this win to you. Cheers!

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get yer boots on, skinhead
December 15, 2008, 2:52 pm
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From the forum:

Karl Maginson is set to play in a charity match at Bamber Bridge to help out for Stuart Howson.

Stuart suffered a double broken leg at Wakefield on the 15th November playing for Brig in a Northern Premier League First Division North fixture. The pain on his face will last long in the memory.

Stuart, who is a trainee P.E. teacher at a local private school will only receive pay for two weeks of his time off work, that time is now up and Christmas fast appraching.

Therefore, we appeal to all true followers of the Bamber Bridge Football Club and other non-league clubs to come out on the 16th December and support this worthy cause.

A team of ex-Bamber Briadge players will take on a team of ex-Chorley players with kick-off at 7pm.

The Bamber Bridge team will include : Steve Berryman, Steve Wilkes, Dave Leaver, Jez Baldwin, Ian Street, Nigel Greenwood, Paul Byron, Andy Whittaker, Neil Reynolds, Lee Ashcroft, Peter Smith, Ian Bryson, Steve Macauley, Neil Crowe and Neil Spencer.

Brig Manager: Tony Greenwood

The Chorley team to include : Phil Priestley, Graham Barrow, Kenny Mayers, Lee Clitheroe, Karl Marginson, John Thomas, Darren Lyons, Joe Hinnigan, John Coleman, Jimmy Bell and possibly Sean Teale and Russell Payne.

Chorley Manager – Tony Hesketh

Thanks for any help offered.

Donations are now available via paypal for those to wish to do so, see Bamber Bridge website (

or you can send a cheque, again for those who wish to do so, to:

Stuart Howson
c/o Bamber Bridge FC
Irongate Ground
Brownedge Road
Bamber Bridge

Cafu, Andy Cole, and other players who were good nearly a decade ago
December 15, 2008, 1:15 pm
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According to Non League Daily, FC United reserves/Bacup Borough are planning to sensationally swoop for recently retired miserablist Andrew ‘Andy’ Cole to replace Tommy Turner.

Bacup manager, Brent Peters, reckons the deal is a goer, and moved to whip the crowd up into an orgiastic frenzy by saying “Let’s make one thing clear, this is not pie in the sky. I want Andy Cole to replace Tommy Turner and partner Rhodri Giggs up front.”

With excitement hitting unbearable levels at the news, not just at the prospect of a Cole/Giggs partnership, but at the idea of a pie, IN THE FUCKING SKY, Peters instantly threw cold water of the whole sketchy, hazy, crazy idea by admitting that not only has he not even made contact with Cole, but that when he does his plan to snare him is to sit him down, explain a little bit about Bacup, and point out that David May used to play for them, so Cole may as bloody well.

“He’s a human being.” Peters finally added, correctly summarising the situation.

Meanwhile, in Yorkshire, Simon ‘Max’ Clifford showed he’s still not one to miss an opportunity, by signing Brazil’s most capped player, Cafu, for Garforth Town.

Clifford has previouslymanaged to dupe footballing legends Socrates, Careca and, erm, Lee Sharpe in to turning out for the club. What it is to have contacts, eh?

captain marvel cheats death in amazing “bullet-like” brick incident
December 14, 2008, 11:15 pm
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Welcome once more, dear readers, to It’ll Be Off, where since our award nomination we have upscaled our operation, and now come from a glittering ivory tower, not dissimilar to Nottingham’s Chek Whyte Tower, or Dubai’s Steven Gerrard Tower. Yes, following Gerrard’s not at all offensive in the current climate decision to take a freebie penthouse from the tools who wanted to name their block of flats (you can fuck off with your ‘luxury apartment development’. I don’t remember my Grandma’s council tower ever getting called that) after him, I have decided to move upstairs, and type this post out on the next level of my shared maisonette.

Also, following an unsavoury incident that occured on Friday night, I have broken myhand and am unable to type properly. I have therefore decided to employ former Bradford Park Avenue manager Dave Cameron on minimum wage as my editorial assistant, and he’s highly thankful for the chance to return to gainful employment over the festive season. So yes, the award nomination has changed me – but for the better I feel.

But it’s not all good news. In a startling piece of journalism, The Mirror has revealed how popular former Manchester United captain, and unpopular former Sheffield United manager, Bryan Robson, cheated death in an amazing incident in South Africa.

What was described as a ‘brick’, or possibly it was a ‘rock’ (or hey, maybe a ‘stone’), was fired through Robbo’s car window after being thrown up from the road. According to the report it travelled “like a bullet” – bullet’s can travel up to 1500 m/s, just to give you an idea of how fast this brick/rock must have been going – and shattered Robbo’s windscreen. Of course, Robbo being Robbo, he climbed out of his seat and headed it away, leading to what friends described as ‘as egg shaped lump’ on his head. Though strangely, given the article’s propensity for exaggerated adjective, the type of egg was never made clear.

Still, all here at It’ll Be Off (well, me and Cammy anyway), wish Bryan a speedy recovery from his latest sensational injury.

And as it’s nearly Christmas, here’s a video of some Spanish fella saying how great Bryan Robson is.

Since I’ve Been Gone
December 2, 2008, 3:42 pm
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The more eagle-eyed among you will realise that there was not a single update during the month of November. And the even more eagle-eyed will notice that the updates began on the very day I was nominated for a highly prestigious award, the Soccerlens Best New Blogger award (you can vote for me, or someone not as good as me, here).

While work has ensure that my free time is kept to a minimum, Bradford Park Avenue’s gurning, idiotic manager, Dave Cameron, is finding the opposite. Following a run of results that caused the official BPA website to stop publishing scores in the results section (What is it with that site? They’re happy to print hilarious untruths, but less inclined to publish unequivocal fact), Cameron was offed within a week of former Liverpool player Mike Marsh being appointed the club’s new Assistant Manager. Though that, I’m sure, is as coincidental as me cranking up the old blogging machine the day I was nominated for some award. It seems highly unlikely that a man of the calibre of BPA’s chief exec, Robert S Blackburn, would try to replace a manager he hadn’t even fired yet, doesn’t it?

Ah, on the subject of our old friend Bob Blackburn (who I’ve been told is an avid reader of this site, Hi Bob!), rumour has it that in a creepy echo of the Queens Park Rangers story, he’s been having some say in team selection. I don’t know how true this is, but as the rumour came from an Avenue fan, I’ve seen fit to let you all know anyway. And of course, this isn’t the only Avenue related rumour floating about the non league scene at the moment.

According to a, it has to be said, highly dubious thread over on the NonLeagueZone forum, a letter has been found supposedly from Robert S Blackburn to his players. I’m not going to reproduce it on here, but I will link to it. I’d love this to be true, but given the circumstances surrounding it, ‘discarded rubbish’ and all, it just seems a little too convenient.

Still, there’s a delicious irony about me posting a made up story about Bradford Park Avenue on this website, don’t you think?

AS Lodigiani
December 1, 2008, 3:14 pm
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They’re like AFC Wimbledon, it seems, but Italian.

I am assured by the fella who writes ‘The Liquidiator‘ blog that the Lodigiani Ultras have a lot of time for FC United. Which is great news. Add ten more to the ‘People Around The World Who Get It’ total. And with Germany and now, seemingly, Italy conquered, perhaps we can concentrate our efforts on England?

Tommy Turner
December 1, 2008, 2:58 pm
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I see the Non League Today are still calling Kyle Wilson ‘Karl Wilson’. Which is fine by me. One day soon someone will come knocking to try and secure the services of Karl Wilson, and we’ll be able to fob them off with some ringer, and allow Kyle to continue scoring a worryingly high percentage of our goals.

And while Kyle has broad enough shoulders to carry this burden, it still has me waking up in a sweat at the thought of him getting injured. Where, then, would the goals come from? Margy pointed out the other week that the search for a new striker was ongoing, but the high cost of these players was making it difficult to secure anyone.

Rhys Hardie, Margy reckoned, was the sort of player we should be looking at. Hardie had an exceptional record at a lower level, would be keen to make the step up to play for us without demanding the sort of money that seems to be inexplicably floating around the NPL these days.

Sadly injury curtailed Hardie’s FC Untied career before it even had the chance to start, but Margy has finally identified and signed his man, and that man is former Salford City and Bacup Borough striker Tommy Turner. Turner made his debut for FC United in the outstanding 3-0 win over Hednesford on Saturday, but Bacup’s manager Brent Peters, who has surely inversted his first and family names, was less than happy.

Under the heading ‘FURIOUS PETERS HITS BACK AT BOTH MARGINSON AND MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS’, Peters launched in to a tirade against our club for having the temerity to not only lawfully approach Turner, but once given permission to speak to him, complete the deal.

Although in my opinion FC United are playing above their level,” started Peters in his attempt to break Lancashire’s long-standing ‘Longest Ever Sentence Record’, “And are certainly not the same attraction as they were a couple of seasons ago, we cant get away from the fact that the lure of playing at Gigg Lane every other week in front of 2,000 excellent supporters would be an attraction for any player that has not played higher than the North West Counties League, with this in mind and following a meeting with Tommy last Saturday I agreed to allow Karl Marginson to speak to the lad only, either Sunday or Monday, by doing this at least it would give me enough time to source a replacement should he tell me he will be going, something to date he has not done, although after several conversations with Tommy I would say its 90% certain that he will go, at no time was permission given for Tommy to sign prior to Saturday the 29 th.”

And while I’d argue with pretty much everything in his statement (being a contrary bugger) apart from the ‘excellent fans’ bit, I won’t bother. Turner is now an FC United player, and proved his worth setting up one of Kyle Wilson’s goals in Saturday’s win.