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Since I’ve Been Gone
December 2, 2008, 3:42 pm
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The more eagle-eyed among you will realise that there was not a single update during the month of November. And the even more eagle-eyed will notice that the updates began on the very day I was nominated for a highly prestigious award, the Soccerlens Best New Blogger award (you can vote for me, or someone not as good as me, here).

While work has ensure that my free time is kept to a minimum, Bradford Park Avenue’s gurning, idiotic manager, Dave Cameron, is finding the opposite. Following a run of results that caused the official BPA website to stop publishing scores in the results section (What is it with that site? They’re happy to print hilarious untruths, but less inclined to publish unequivocal fact), Cameron was offed within a week of former Liverpool player Mike Marsh being appointed the club’s new Assistant Manager. Though that, I’m sure, is as coincidental as me cranking up the old blogging machine the day I was nominated for some award. It seems highly unlikely that a man of the calibre of BPA’s chief exec, Robert S Blackburn, would try to replace a manager he hadn’t even fired yet, doesn’t it?

Ah, on the subject of our old friend Bob Blackburn (who I’ve been told is an avid reader of this site, Hi Bob!), rumour has it that in a creepy echo of the Queens Park Rangers story, he’s been having some say in team selection. I don’t know how true this is, but as the rumour came from an Avenue fan, I’ve seen fit to let you all know anyway. And of course, this isn’t the only Avenue related rumour floating about the non league scene at the moment.

According to a, it has to be said, highly dubious thread over on the NonLeagueZone forum, a letter has been found supposedly from Robert S Blackburn to his players. I’m not going to reproduce it on here, but I will link to it. I’d love this to be true, but given the circumstances surrounding it, ‘discarded rubbish’ and all, it just seems a little too convenient.

Still, there’s a delicious irony about me posting a made up story about Bradford Park Avenue on this website, don’t you think?


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