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December 15, 2008, 8:00 pm
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Me: Good

Best new blogger, eh? Wow. The pressure is on now. Will I make it through to the ‘Best Blogger Category’ next year, or will I let it all go to my head, and disappear in a cloud of rum and hookers, to resurface years from now writing a Celebrity Love Island blog, a pale, barely recognisable shadow of my former self? With any luck I’ll do both.

Traditionally this is where I take the stage and thank everyone from me Mam to Jesus for this. I’m not going to do so. I’d like to do an Eric Cantona and dryly thank everyone, even those who didn’t vote for me, but I’m not sure I could get away with that. Though, you know, if you did vote for me, cheers. Even if it was only out of a sense of duty. Also, big thanks to twohundredpercent for bigging me up, and Getty for press-ganging and water-boarding people until they voted for me.

But special praise is reserved for the one man who made this blog possible. The one man who provided so much material, so much mirth, and incredulous gawping, to keep me blogging for another decade at least. And with no sign of his bad craziness abating, I look forward to him and I sharing far more success in the future.

Robert S Blackburn, Chief Exec of Bradford (Park Avenue) FC, I dedicate this win to you. Cheers!

Links: Soccerlens, ITV Sport


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Congrats…. we voted for ya.

Comment by impsTALK

Well Done!!

Comment by Kowalski

Well done mate, now the challenge is to keep it up.

Comment by redfan

What a sad little wanker you are

Yours Gory Pattison

Comment by Stefan Brookster

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