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Weekend Round Up
November 23, 2009, 1:48 pm
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Should round-up be hyphenated? I’ve never really got to grips with hyphens. Like semi-colons (is that even hyphenated?) they remain a grey area. A constant reminder of the cruel hold the English Language has over me. Language is my master, not vice versa.

Anyway, last week’s game at Hucknall was a pleasant departure from the norm. After racing in to a three goal lead, we were forced to cling on until the death, finally winning 3-2. This week, against Harrogate Town in the Trophy, things returned to normal.

It’s been a template for the season. Play like guff for a half, then stage a rousing comeback late on, spurred on by a very vocal crowd, before just missing out on snatching a dramatic and arguably unjust draw. We did it against Boston on the opening day of the season, and we did it again a few days later against Bradford Park Avenue at the Horsfall. And to be honest, it’s getting a little boring. Assuming something can be boring at the same time as being heart stoppingly dramatic, and unquestionably exciting. Ah, the paradoxical complexities of modern football, eh? FC United are a quixotic beast and no mistaking.

Meanwhile, this week’s home game, away to Kendal (doesn’t get much more quixotic than that) appears to be seriously under threat after half the world’s water supply fell on Cumbria last week, with further biblical plagues forecast overnight. There’s set to be a pitch inspection tomorrow, but with the pitch under six-foot of frogs, locusts, hail and fleas, I’d wager a large amount of someone else’s money that the game won’t be going ahead. Still, that’ll save us getting knocked out another cup so soon, which’ll be nice.

Moving on. And not just us, but also Adam Carden. Late last night, or indeed early this morning, a message was posted on the official site that our spiky, Scouse, winger-come-fullback would be leaving the club. “With great regret,” typed Andy Walsh with his two index fingers, whilst smelling strongly of gin, “We have parted company with Adam Carden.” It was only last season that Adam was being linked with AFC Bournemouth, so someone is sure to benefit from his moving on. And it was only the other week that Adam was legging it off the pitch at Stalybridge, followed by three hundred furious and blood-thirsty Spartans. I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing him all the best. Or maybe I am. Who knows?

For those of you with a keen eye for detail and the mind of proper po-lice, you’ll notice that the statement said ‘parted company with’, which should set alarm bells ringing. And if not alarm bells, then certainly that annoying beep you get when your smoke detector is running out of batteries. Log on to the members blog for a more in-depth report of what happened with Adam. And if you’re not a member, then why the fuck not? What’s the point of being a fan of a member owned club if you’re not even a member. I swear, democracy is wasted on the, uhh… stupid. Or something. Sign up here, or else.

Finally, massive congrats to Durham City, who managed to avoid defeat this weekend. OK, they didn’t have a game, but when you’ve been knocked about as much as Durham have, looking at the positives is a must.


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