It’ll Be Off

“Kendal postponement leaves us nothing to whinge about.” whinge FC United fans
November 24, 2009, 1:59 pm
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Kendal: Wet

Furious FC United fans were left with nothing to whinge about tomorrow after tonight’s League Challenge Cup tie at Kendal was postponed.

Heavy rain left standing water on the pitch, and with further downpours forecast for today, match officials ruled that the game could not go ahead.

“This is ludicrous,” moaned one forum regular, “What am I meant to do tomorrow? I’d already typed out half my rant about how the Deegan and Marsh partnership wasn’t working, and how we should sign a generic, unknown striker who’s currently under contract with another club who pay more than us anyway, thus rendering my whole post fantastically ridiculous.”

A second fan added: “I had my mind made up that I would spend all day Wednesday in the forum complaining about going out of another cup competition, and how it would affect the crowds, and then we wouldn’t be able to build a stadium, before pointing out that we wouldn’t last another two seasons if things carried on this way. Now what am I meant to do? I can’t believe how unfair this is.”

The fixture will now be played in Kendal on December the 8th, prompting a long post from a forumista about how he can’t make that date, as he’s drinking mulled wine and singing carols with Aunt Bessy who’s up visiting for the week, and isn’t this typical of the club, and the league, and this never happened in the North West Counties League, and it’s all Iain Mills’s fault.

But fans of the Rebels needn’t wait long before they can unload their drippy “waa waa waa” nonsense back on to the internet. Saturday sees the return of league football to Gigg Lane with the visit of Kendal Town.


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It’ll be off.

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