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Bringing myself up to date
April 12, 2011, 12:42 pm
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The post I did about Ronald Johnson Playing Fields, Wayne Rooneyily titled ‘Who The Fuck is Ronald Johnson’ has caused much debate, and a fair amount of jaw-grinding. Indeed, twenty-two comments is a record for this blog for a post that wasn’t about The Sun being a right-wing shit-rag.

The vast majority of the comments are from Moston residents unsure about the ground plans. And to them I shall say please wait and see. It’s not my place to try and sell this idea to you, the club will be in contact with you very shortly, if they haven’t been already, and many of your reservations should be satiated by our gregarious diplomats. But what I would like to point out to you is that it’s wrong to suggest that FC United being based in Moston will only be of use to those of you who follow football. That just won’t be the case. FC United have it written in to the constitution that “the club will develop strong links with the local community and strive to be accessible to all, discriminating against none”. We are, genuinely, good eggs. Good eggs with the odd rough corner, but good eggs nonetheless.

In all the Ben Deegan inspired hysteria over the weekend, I forgot to mention the collective of Ciudad de Murcia fans who mooched over from Spain on Saturday. Now I’m usually fairly sceptical about this whole friendship club thing, preferring the isolation of the bitter malcontent to trying to work out who to support should Torino play St Pauli, or Wimbledon play, errrr, who else are we supposed to like this week?

But the CdM lot showed such humility, friendship and respect for us that I found it hard to not only instantly warm to them, but also to not beam with pride. Check out the letter they sent to the club, and see if you don’t break in to a huge grin: “So is our commitment to introduce to our club to those people who one day had a dream and fight to turn it real. Is our responsibility to say a big THANK YOU to make possible that real football come back to their real owners. And is our dream to one daycould being as big and prestigious like United of Manchester.”

Oh, you lovely, lovely bastards. Go see their website, let them in to your heart, and bask in the enriching glow of International Socialism:

Finally, some Northwich fans were unhappy about the way Michael Norton celebrated in front of them having scored yet another vital goal in a long line of vital goals this season. Well, short memories, huh? Remember the FA Cup game last season? When Wayne Riley scored scored he ran past our fans and gave us the ‘shush’ celebration. Which, to those predisposed to mard-arsedness, could be a fairly provocative gesture. And even if you’re less likely to erupt in to mock indignation at the slightest thing, it still signaled Wayne Riley out as a massive fucking tool. So a big thank you to the karma police not only for Norton’s goal, but also for Wayne Riley’s missed penalty, and missed sitter against Deegan late in the second half. That’ll learn him.